Package gnu.x11.extension

Provide X extensions.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
BigRequests Big Requests Extension.
DBE Double Buffer Extension.
DBE.ScreenVisualInfo DBE screen visual info.
DBE.VisualInfo DBE visual info.
DPMS Display Power Management Signaling Extension.
DPMS.Info Reply of
DPMS.TimeoutsInfo Reply of DPMS.timeouts()
EVI Extended Visual Information Extension.
EVI.VisualInfo EVI visual info.
EVI.VisualInfoReply Reply of EVI.visual_info(Visual[])
Extension Base class for X extension.
Print X Print Service Extension.
Shape Nonrectangular Window Extension.
Shape.ExtentsInfo Reply of Shape.extents(Window)
Shape.NotifyEvent SHAPE notify event.
Shape.RectanglesInfo Reply of #rectangles()
XCMisc XC-MISC Extension.
XCMisc.XIDRange Reply of XCMisc.xid_range()
XTest XTEST Extension.

Exception Summary

Package gnu.x11.extension Description

Provide X extensions.

You can get protocol specification and library specification from here.