Package gnu.x11

Provide X protocols.


Interface Summary
RequestObject Objects that implement this interface can be written to a connection as part of a request.

Class Summary
Application X application.
Arc Arc in geometry.
Atom X atom.
Color X color.
Colormap X colormap.
Colormap.ColorCellsReply Reply of Colormap.alloc_color_cells(boolean, int, int).
Colormap.ColorItem Used in Colormap#store_colors().
Cursor X cursor.
Data Efficient storage of byte array.
Depth X depth.
Display X server connection.
Display.ExtensionInfo Information about an X extension.
Display.Host Information about a host.
Display.HostsInfo Hosts currently on the access control list and whether use of the list at connection setup is currently enabled or disabled.
Display.Name X display name.
Display.ScreenSaverInfo Informations about the screensaver.
Drawable X drawable.
Font X font.
Fontable X fontable.
GC X graphics context.
GC.Values X GC values.
Input X keyboard and pointer.
Input.KeyboardControl X keyboard control.
Option X Option.
Pixmap X pixmap.
Pixmap.Format X pixmap format.
Point Point in geometry.
Rectangle Position and size in geometry.
RequestOutputStream Used to create and manage requests to the X server.
Resource X ID resource.
ResponseInputStream Reads response data from the X server.
Screen X Screen.
Segment Line segment in geometry.
Size Width and height in geometry.
Text Text item for drawing text to X server.
ValueList X value list.
Visual X visual.
Window X window.
Window.Attributes X window attributes.
Window.AttributesReply Reply of Window.attributes().
Window.Changes X window changes.
Window.WMClassHint X window manager class hint.
Window.WMHints X window manager hints.
Window.WMSizeHints X window manager size hints.
Window.WMState X window manager state.
XAuthority A utility class to work with Xauthority files.

Enum Summary

Error Summary
Error X server core error.

Package gnu.x11 Description

Provide X protocols. The specification can be found in the following:


Help Needed


I came up with the idea of Java X11 library without knowing Boukanov's or O'Neil's works. However, during the middle of development, I discovered their presences and started using their codes as my reference. Needless to say, I read between lines of all codes in C xlib by X Consortium.