Class GlyphSet

  extended by gnu.x11.Resource
      extended by gnu.x11.extension.render.GlyphSet

public class GlyphSet
extends Resource

GlyphSet in RENDER.

Field Summary
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display, id
Constructor Summary
GlyphSet(GlyphSet src)
GlyphSet(Render render, PictFormat format)
Method Summary
 Glyph[] add_glyphs(GlyphRequest[] glyph_reqs)
          Adds glyphs to this glyph set.
protected  void finalize()
          Called when the GlyphSet object is finalized.
 void free_glyphs(Glyph[] glyphs)
          Frees the specified glyphs in this glyphset.
 void free()
          Frees the glyph set in the X server.
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Constructor Detail


public GlyphSet(Render render,
                PictFormat format)
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public GlyphSet(GlyphSet src)
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Method Detail


public void free()
Frees the glyph set in the X server. If this is only a reference as created by GlyphSet(GlyphSet), this will only free this reference but not the original glyph set. This method is also called by finalize() when this object gets garbage collected, so it isn't strictly necessary to call this explicitly. However, if it can be determined when this object will no longer be used it is recommended to explicitly call this method, so the garbage collector won't be bothered with possible network lags.

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protected void finalize()
Called when the GlyphSet object is finalized. In this case we free this GlyphSet (if it hasn't already been freed).

finalize in class java.lang.Object


public Glyph[] add_glyphs(GlyphRequest[] glyph_reqs)
Adds glyphs to this glyph set. This makes these glyphs available for rendering.

glyph_reqs -


public void free_glyphs(Glyph[] glyphs)
Frees the specified glyphs in this glyphset. The releases any allocated X server resources for these glyphs. Glyph instances get automatically freed when the garbage collector determines that there no more reference to such an instance. However, it is preferable to explicitly free glyphs so that the garbage collector isn't burdened with network activity and locking.

glyphs - the glyphs to be freed