Package gnu.x11.extension.render

Provide X Rendering Extension.


Class Summary
Color Color in RENDER.
ColorPoint Color point in RENDER.
ColorSpan Span in RENDER.
ColorTrapezoid Color trapezoid in RENDER.
ColorTriangle Color trinangle in RENDER.
DrawablePicture Picture in RENDER.
DrawablePicture.Attributes ValueList for DrawablePicture.
Glyph Represents one glyph in the X Render Extension.
GlyphSet GlyphSet in RENDER.
PictFormat Format specification for Picture instances.
PictFormat.Direct Parameters for direct color models to describe the data layout of pixel samples.
PictFormat.Template A template for selecting PictFormat instances in Render.picture_format(gnu.x11.extension.render.PictFormat.Template, boolean).
Picture A simple picture.
Quadrilateral Quadrilateral in RENDER.
Render X Rendering Extension.
Span Span in RENDER.
Trapezoid Trapezoid in RENDER.
Triangle Trinangle in RENDER.

Enum Summary
PictFormat.Type The different types of formats.

Package gnu.x11.extension.render Description

Provide X Rendering Extension. The specification can be found here.